My Attitude Toward Christians Vs. Apologists

In my view, it is one thing to accept Christianity on faith. It is another to posture as though it’s intellectually defensible.

I refuse to be the type of atheist who will not befriend someone merely because they are a Christian. To do so is to cut off your nose despite your face. Face it. The culture in which we live is replete with Christians, so one who refuses their friendship deprives themselves of a very large segment of the population. Though we may view them as “deluded,” it is important to realize that they at least compartmentalize that delusion; elsewhere, they can be perfectly reasonable and rational people. Good people. Wonderful people. Why neglect such potentially positive relationships? That is not the route I’ll be taking. Nor will it ever be.

But, those of the apologetic stripe are a whole different breed of Christian. They’re spin-doctors. Bullshit artists. The act of defending the indefensible leads them to pure desperation, and they cannot practice what they do without engaging in outright lies, logical fallacies, distortion and deception. They have no real regard for the truth; they only seek to mount dubious arguments in support of their wishful thinking. Frankly, they disgust me. For all my antics, all my shenanigans, all my past mistakes, and all my flaws, I do at least pride myself on being intellectually honest. I have no respect for those who conduct themselves otherwise, and in so flagrant a manner.

Your average, run-of-the-mill Christian? Got nuthin’ but love for ’em. Your average Christian apologist? I have no use for them. I despise them. They are worthy of neither friendship nor intellectual discourse.


One Response to “My Attitude Toward Christians Vs. Apologists”

  1. I agree with you 100%. I am disgusted by the deception apologists throw out there and then claim you are the deceiver. You just wanna bitch slap’em.

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