“I believe that someday you will come to Christ.”


Have you ever had a Christian friend or family member tell you this? “God” knows I have. And this is precisely how I’d respond:

Have you ever had a magician show you how he does one of his tricks? It has quite a profound effect. From that point forward, you can never see that trick the same again. It loses its awe and wonder. You become disenchanted.

For me, it is the same with religious belief. I’ve been there. I once experienced the same, childlike awe and wonder and credulity that you do. But, anymore, I know your feeble religion better than you do. I know its history and development. I know how it came to be–how and why it is entirely a product of man. I am disenchanted. Completely incredulous. The jig is up, my friend.

What you’re insisting is patently false. I will never “come to Christ.” And the sooner you understand that, the sooner you will possibly come to accept me for who and what I am–not what you want me to be.


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