Your Savior


“Once I attended a fan convention and was prowling through the colorful bazaar called the Dealer’s Room. I was on the lookout for interesting old science fiction paperbacks, monster movie videos, and whatnot. Some people at these events just cannot seem to resist the impulse to show up in costume. All of a sudden I spotted a guy dressed as Jesus. So I could not resist the impulse to accost him with a smart remark. I walked up to him and asked him, “Excuse me, but have you accepted yourself as your personal savior?” I don’t even remember what he answered, because it suddenly hit me: that is the crucial question everyone must face: Have you accepted yourself as your personal savior? Because that’s the only savior who can do the job! You are your personal savior, without whose aid you will never get anywhere. Unless this savior intervenes on your behalf, nothing anyone has done to help you will do any good. You are going to have to decide to heed the advice some wise man gave you. You are going to have to decide the time has come for you to make an about-face. It is you, not me, nor anybody else, not even Rick Warren nor Jesus Christ, who can discover the meaning of your life. Only you can answer the question why you are not doing what you know you must do. Only you, not your church or some other peer group, can save you. That is the cross you must bear: free decision and responsibility for the results.”
(The Reason Driven Life, pp. 99-100)



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