America: A Christian Nation?



My feature film debut: After Sarah Palin asserts that America is a Christian nation, Larry King takes her to task.

It’s not that none of the Founding Fathers were Christians; it’s just that a surprising assortment of the most prominent among them were not–at least not in any traditional sense of the word. That list would include Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Benjamin Franklin–possibly John Adams and George Washington, as well.

This should come as no surprise, given the influence of the Enlightenment. But, it does come as a surprise in the face of the oft-repeated lie that the whole kit and kaboodle consisted of devout evangelicals determined to erect some sort of Christianized playground.

Ultimately, what each of the Founding Fathers personally believed is irrelevant. What truly matters is what they made law. The First Amendment guarantees us Freedom of Religion, which obviously necessitates Freedom from Religion.

Bottom line: This is not a Christian nation. This is a free nation. You are free to worship or not worship as you please. The believing majority–even though a majority–cannot impose their will upon the non-believing minority without violating that fundamental tenet. I dare any Bible-thumper, no matter how factually challenged, to say otherwise.


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